Miami Heat won their second straight game over the Brooklyn Nets last night in a physical match-up, and post-game point guard Dwyane Wade explained how he helped guide the team to victory.

During the first-half Wade was off color as the Nets honed in with their typically stingy defense.
Come the second-half, Wade admitted that he wanted to be more aggressive offensively to counter the tough play of Brooklyn.

Whatever he did, it seemed to work as the Heat pulled away during the latter part of the game. Wade explained that his aim right now is to try and mix things up.

“I wasn’t having a great game but I just started being more aggressive. Coming into the fourth quarter I wanted to be more aggressive offensively and we needed to be more aggressive as a team,” Wade told the Miami Herald.

“That’s important, but also I’ve been trying to do a good job of trying to make sure my guys get some good shots too. Finding Ray [Allen] and finding the other guys, just mixing it up is important.”

The Heat now hold a 2-0 lead in the Eastern Conference semi-finals over the Nets, but Wade insists his team are solely focused on going into Brooklyn and winning one in the Nets’ building.

“We are focused on game three now. They have to make a stand now with them going back home to their place,” he added.

“We did what we needed to do from our standpoint, in the sense of us protecting homecourt. Now it gets interesting as we go up there and try to get one in their building.”

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