The Cleveland Browns, Miami Heat, Boston Bruins, all could end up being the most talked about teams come the end of the summer for various reasons.

One team who have been talked about a lot recently  but for negative reasons is the LA Lakers who not too long ago, fired coach Mike D'Antoni.

The Lakers had a terrible season going 27-55 which unsurprisingly resulted in the departure of coach D'Antoni.

Now one of the Lakers biggest names has seemingly had a change of heart about his role in choosing the man to lead the Lakers into their next chapter.

Guard Kobe Bryant has spoken out about D'Antoni's dismissal and has said that he would like to be advised about his replacement.

It is the first time he has seemingly wanted to be involved in the decisions taken up above the court.

Bryant has claimed that he was not asked during the recruiting process of either of the previous two Lakers coaches.

Neither coach Mike Brown or D'Antoni were able to go the duration of their contracts due to negative performances.

So the question remains, should Kobe be allowed or even have the right to ask to be involved in the recruiting process?

Well as always, there are two schools of thought on the issue, there is the idea that senior players should be involved in the recruiting stage.

Perhaps the best example of an active player having a big say in the boardroom decisions lies in the world of soccer, Manchester United and current player-manager Ryan Giggs.

Giggs has been a long serving player at United and is a fan favourite, knowledgeable footballer and of course a true professional.

Exactly what would be looked for in a new manager but at the end of the day, Gigs is there temporarily and as of yet, hasn't ever asked to be involved in the back room duties of the club except for his current stint.

Even in the NFL, when teams are deep into their recruiting drive leading up to the draft, teams will often send their big name players to visit younger players for training sessions to perhaps plant the seed that that player should want to join them.

So the bigger name players on the team can be a useful resource when it comes to attracting big names to the team either in a coaching role or a playing role.

But does that mean that whenever a coach recruitment process is under way, senior players should be consulted before anyone is hired?

Well in my opinion no they don't have any 'right' to be consulted.

Yes, they will have to be working under them and the new person will be the key to reshaping the whole team but it should always be a back room staff decision.

I don't really see what the point of having such large corporate numbers is if you're going to use players to make decisions.

To me, players should stick to taking the team in the right direction on the field/court/rink and leave the back room decisions to the people paid to do it.

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