LeBron James was once again star of the show last night. He took over the Heat's playoff game against the Brooklyn Nets and dropped 49 points on the way to victory. However, according to Nets' player Joe Johnson, he also committed this egregious flop in the final minute.

You can check out the whole video of the  incident above, but the situation was this:

The Nets were trailing by three in the last minute of the game, and needed a bucket badly. Joe Johnson dribbled at James and attacked the basket, however the former MVP went to ground and Johnson missed the basket. The incident basically cost the Nets the chance at a second victory in a row against Miami and possibly even the series.

Speaking after the game to the New York Post, Johnson said:

“I wasn’t necessarily trying to draw the foul on him, but I thought he was aggressive, so I was just trying to use his aggressiveness against him. [But] he flopped that last one…."

Regardless of whether LeBron flopped or not, you would still bet a lot of money on Johnson making that shot with the game on the line. Johnson missed and that will probably be why the Nets are watching the Finals from home.

What do you think? Is LeBron a flopper? Let us know in the comments.

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