MLB player gets his inspiration from George Michael

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Every baseball batter has their own take on what inspiration they need to hit that perfect homerun. 

When they walk up to bat every player gets the opportunity to hear their favorite piece of music, and this choice by Oakland Athletics outfield Josh Reddick is quite a brave one to say the least

It's seems like Reddick may be the first player in the MLB to break the 'Wham' barrier, with this beauty of a tune by George Michael's Wham band. 

The song is called Careless Whisper, and it's obvious that George does the job for Reddick. 

The A's man managed to get a triple and walked the Chicago White Sox start John Danks on the night as well. 

Danks must have been so overwhelmed by the emotion in the song that he couldn't throw properly. Each to their own. 

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