LSU coach slams Texas after NFL draft

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Texas forever? Miles' Tigers are on top
Texas forever? Miles' Tigers are on top.

Texas Longhorns football teams has been one of the more successful programs in NCAA history and have provided countless NFL stars over the years. However, this year for the first time since 1937, not a single Longhorn was selected in the NFL draft.

Meanwhile, one of their rivals, LSU rose to a 10-3 record and a bowl game victory in 2014. They also produced nine draftees, including four taken in the first two round of the draft.

LSU coach, Les Miles decided to poke fun at this at a alumni lunch in Houston recently. According to Ralph Malbrough, a New Orleans Saints writer: Les Miles (said): "We are very fortunate to have players drafted in NFL, some universities in Texas aren't so fortunate"

This certainly sound like fighting talk from Miles who's program is enjoying a good spell just at the moment. However, despite the Longhorn's recent struggles, there are definitely signs of a revival.

Texas still have among the biggest revenue of any football program and even have their own network so resources are not a problem. Former Louisville head coach, Charlie Strong has been brought in to try and remedy things on the field.

The school even ranked in the top 20 for recruiting this year, showing signs that things may be getting better for the 'horns.

Miles can enjoy his time in the sun for now but Texas' rebuilding could cause him to eat his words.

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