WWE: Vince McMahon meddling causing mayhem

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McMahon can't stop meddling
McMahon can't stop meddling.

Vince McMahon has taken a lesser role within the WWE in recent times, but the President of the company can't stop himself from getting involved with decisions that are causing mayhem with the talent.

According to the Wrestling Observer, McMahon is making changes mere hours before shows and it causing the talents to become increasingly restless with the 68-year old.

"It's said that Triple H has been put into an impossible position when it comes to WWE talent relations because the person still making the final calls is Vince McMahon and Vince changes his mind frequently.

WWE talents are becoming increasingly frustrated because they are at first told a certain direction by Triple H and then Triple H ends up having to get with the talent again and explain what he told them before has been changed, because of Vince.

This isn't turning out to be a bad thing for Triple H as the WWE talents, for the most part, see him as one of them and they believe that he's also frustrated when things get changed."

The WWE's stock has been in free-fall in the past few months and it is believed that the boss is trying to do everything he can to try and turn things around, even if it is causing havoc with the superstars backstage.

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