The Minnesota Vikings have said that they have a plan for Teddy Bridgewater, their newly drafted QB, but they won't be rushing him into the starters job.

Matt Cassel is currently the number one choice for the Vikings being the veteran in the set up but the Vikings are not shy about placing their future in Bridgewater.

Head Coach Mike Zimmer said that Bridge water will be brought along into the team setup "at the right speed."

The Vikings have been very patient with their QB options, after Brett Favre's retirement, Christian Ponder was brought up in to the starting position steadily and given the chance to learn the playbook, the ethos and the pressure of the game.

However Ponder hasn't worked out and whilst Cassel is a good stop gap until Bridgewater is ready, he is already learning quick and will be helping the first team too, learning for veterans such as Cassel and Adrian Peterson.

Zimmer though has been clear that despite making a big draft QB signing, Bridgewater will only be played when ready and not when fan and critic pressure tries to dictate that he is.

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