Pitcher stays cool as team pelts him with objects during live TV interview

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Baseball benches are notorious for pranks, hijinks and general unruly behavior, and the Cleveland Indians maintained that image last night during their defeat of the Detroit Tigers.

With Indians pitcher Corey Kluber attempting to partake in an in-depth discussion of the game with commentators live on Fox Sports, his teammates were not content to let him have it easy.

As you can see in the video above, at various stages of the six-minute interview, Kluber is pelted with everything from water, bird seeds, and baby powder in an attempt to faze him.

But rather than be put off, the 28-year-old fan's favorite remains the ultimate professional - hardly batting an eye-lid as he continues to eloquently put forward his points to camera.

One kind sole from the bleachers even offers Kluber some protection in the form of a yellow jacket which the player casually places over his head to protect him from the continuous onslaught.

Sterling work from the Indians pitcher who has virtually guaranteed himself an analyst role with his coolness under pressure.

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