Raiders QB Matt Schaub rips into ex-Texans coach

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Schaub won't be the Texans number one next season
Schaub won't be the Texans number one next season.

Oakland Raiders quarterback Matt Schaub is enjoying his new surroundings for the build-up to the 2014 NFL season after he was traded from the Houston Texans to the Raiders for a sixth round draft pick.

Schaub was a solid performer for the most part during his time at the Texans but that went out the window last season.

After five straight years of a season passer rating of 90.07 or higher things went drastically wrong for Schaub. He went 2-6 and stank the place up with a 73.0 rating during 2013.

One of the reasons for his struggles at the Texans is down to the lack of responsibility he was given under coach at the time, Gary Kubiak. Those are the words of Schaub, and now that he's at the Raiders, he feels they are willing to give him more control.

"To come to an offense where the coach is looking to give you more freedom, and looking to give you more control of things," he told

"I had that in some aspects in Houston, but there are things I'm being asked to do here that I didn't have control of in Houston. I would have loved to, but we just weren't in control of it."
Schaub added that the decision to give him more control will benefit his team as a whole, with the former Texans signal caller suggesting that it will help everyone get on the same page quicker.

"To now be in that position, and being the quarterback, that's such a great place to be because you can get everyone on the same page," Schaub said. "You can get into a great play, a better play that you had called. It's a work in progress, but I'm ecstatic to have that situation because it's something I've wanted to try and get to."

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