Former Chicago Cubs pitcher calls Wrigley Field 'a dump'

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Wrigley Field is an historic ball park (©Twitter)
Wrigley Field is an historic ball park (©Twitter).

You can tell Chicago Cubs fans that their team stinks, and they will begrudgingly agree.

You can remind them that the last time the Cubs won the World Series the Ottoman Empire was still in existence, and they will shrug their shoulders.

But offend their beloved Wrigley Fields and you are putting yourself in the line of fire.

That is exactly what former Cubs pitcher Andrew Cashner has done though, according to Mark Gonzales of the Chicago Tribune:

"We're spoiled here," said the San Diego Padres starter of his current home.

"We have some of the best facilities in baseball. And Wrigley is a dump."

Cashner spent time in Chicago between 2010-2011 after having been given his Majors break by the Cubs, but that hasn't stopped him criticizing the second oldest ballpark in the country:

"It's bad," Cashner continued.

"Here, we have one of the nicest weight rooms in all of baseball, a big locker room and things are spaced out."

While the Padres pitcher may be right about Wrigley Fields' lack of mod-cons, it is the traditional feel and historic nature of the venue which has seen it find a way into the hearts of not only Cubs fans but fans across MLB.

The Cubs and Padres are currently one game into a four game series. Fortunately for Cashner however the games are being played in California.

Wrigley Field meanwhile looks set for an upgrade at some point in the near future, with recent plans unveiled that are sure to appease visiting and home ball players alike.

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