WWE legend: CM Punk's legacy not affected by exit

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Will Punk ever return to professional wrestling?
Will Punk ever return to professional wrestling?.

It has been almost four months since CM Punk left WWE and yet the superstar continues to dominate the headlines surrounding the company. However, does Punk's departure impact on his legacy, Jim Ross certainly doesn't believe so.

Writing in his blog on JRSBBQ.com via wrestling.inc, Ross reasserted his belief that Punk was still among the greatest wrestlers of all time despite events this year and even went so far as to say that Punk would be in his top 25.

Ross said: "all these 'All Time Top' whatever lists are overly subjective but my list would be the talents who I would want in my company if I owned a wrestling organization... I'd absolutely want Punk on my team so therefore under my criteria he's a top 25 guy." 

The legend didn't expand on which other superstars would make his top-25 list but with over 20 years of experience in wrestling, he must have pretty much seen it all.

Ross also addresses some concerns that CM Punk may have hurt his future legacy by deserting the company in dramatic fashion a few months back.

"I was also asked if CM Punk abruptly leaving WWE would adversely affect his legacy. My answer, a simple 'Hell, no.'" Ross wrote emphatically.

The way that WWE fans continue to  talk about Punk even months after his departure certainly reassert the notion that the man is a pure superstar within wrestling circles and will be admired even after his retirement.

With that in mind however, I'm sure we all hope that we see CM Punk grace the WWE stage again very soon.

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