Top 5 worst sporting excuses to rival 50 Cent's masturbation injury

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50 Cent blamed his pathetic throw on chronic masturbation
50 Cent blamed his pathetic throw on chronic masturbation.

50 Cent this week provided one of the most ridiculous sporting excuses of all-time after he threw arguably the worst ceremonial pitch ever. He blamed his terrible pitch first on being a hustler, before eventually blaming it on a chronic masturbation injury, but what are the other worst excuses in sport?

Sport is a discipline that requires great effort and sometimes there are massive successes for players and teams, and certain occasions there are major disappointments.

During these disappointments players and coaches can say the weirdest things, which can result in ridicule for the excuses they come up with.

Here are a list of some of the the most insane excuses ever in sport.

Philadelphia Eagles
Crystal Palace
David James
Manchester United
Buffalo Bills
NFL Playoffs
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