UFC has received yet more shocking news Tuesday as one of its stars Chael Sonnen has failed a drug test ahead of UFC 175, according to reports

This news will definitely change the short-term UFC landscape, especially following Sonnen's UFC opponent Wanderlei Silva refused a drug test a few weeks back, which led to him being removed from UFC 175.

Sonnen was supposed to face a new opponent in Vitor Belfort July 5 at UFC 175, but that will obviously no longer happen after the 37-year-old's failed drug test.

The test results have been confirmed by NSAC chairman Francisco Aguilar, ESPN.com reported.

“UFC officials acknowledge irregularities in a recent random test,” the UFC said. “Chael is planning on addressing the matter this afternoon.”

This is troubling times for the UFC with the fact that two of their stars that were set to face off at UFC 175 have both failed drug tests in a matter of weeks.

It's understood that the three-time UFC title challenger Sonnen tested positive for anti-estrogenic. Anastrozole and Clomiphene were in his system according to reports.

Jon Jones