England World Cup team and Dallas Cowboys share uncanny resemblance

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Wayne Rooney is the Tony Romo of football
Wayne Rooney is the Tony Romo of football.

England's national soccer team and the Dallas Cowboys share an uncanny resemblance that borderlines on the bizarre.

As American football teams remain deep in the off-season with training camp still a month away, another type of football is about to take a hold on sports fans across the globe.

The soccer World Cup is almost upon us with the opener set for Thursday when host nation Brazil kick their tournament off against Croatia 4pm ET.

Comparisons between soccer and the NFL can always be made but most of the time the links can be tenuous at best.

But rather than compare each game and say whether one particular player could potentially compete in the other sport at a pro level, it's much more fun to compare World Cup and NFL teams based on their success and disappointments.

This is the point at which comparisons can be drawn between the England national soccer team and the Dallas Cowboys.

It may sound ridiculous, but just listen to the rest of this and you'll get the point.

The Cowboys are America's team, you'd think they invented the game of America Football. They are the most popular team in the US, hence their 'America's Team' tag.

Now, England might not share the same popularity across the sport, but they are certainly as arrogant as the Cowboys and owner Jerry Jones.

England's football association is not called English FA. No, it's called the FA. A pointer to the arrogance that the nation has about game they created nonetheless.

This arrogance meant that the English declined to even play in the World Cup until 1950. England thought they were better than the rest of the world at the game they created, but a 1-0 loss to the US in the 1950 World Cup soon made them realize something was up.

Dallas Cowboys have had a similar misguided arrogance through the last couple of decades in the NFL.

Just because in the mid 90's they were by far the most successful team in the Super Bowl era, didn't mean that the success was guaranteed to continue. Led by the owner Jerry Jones they have been misguided in their pursuit of more glory after eight Super Bowl appearance and five wins pre-1996.

Even both teams leaders have similar characteristics and skill sets. Striker Wayne Rooney is the main man for England, and the soccer star has had an outstanding career so far. But there is one thing missing for Rooney and that is an awesome World Cup tournament performance.

In a way, the same can be said of quarterback Tony Romo. He's had a tremendous career during the regular season, setting all kinds of stats records, but he just needs to become productive in the clutch and the post-season.

For Rooney and England, and for Romo and Dalllas, maybe 2014 might be their year.  

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