After Marvel's superheroes and super-villains got their own NFL offense and defense it seemed only appropriate for DC's superstars to get the same treatment. So beginning with offense here's DC's offense.

QB - Superman

There never was really any doubt that the “Man Of Steel” was going to be the signal caller for DC. With his strength and speed Superman offers a genuine double threat with both his feet and his arm.

As an added bonus his heat vision allows him to literally blast blitzing opponents out of existence.

So talented is Superman that opposing defensive co-ordinators are having to complete redesign playbooks in an attempt to stop him. Magical practitioners and a previously little
known mineral Kyrptonite are suddenly in high demand.

RB - Flash

It's obvious right? The Flash's super-speed means he is the perfect running back. The Flash would break all rushing records.

C – Robin

What you want in a centre is dependability. The ability to be relied on to snap the ball perfectly time after time. Robin is perfect for this role.

Aside from his ability to snap the ball perfectly Robin hand to hand combat abilities should allow him to hold his own on the line of scrimmage. Whilst his speed and agility makes him a good at pulling and useful on screen plays.

RG - Mr Freeze

Mr Freeze's ability to turn the field to ice should allow him be both an excellent rush and pass blocker without even having to touch the opposition line. Plus his superhuman strength and durability will allow him hold his own should the opposition players manage to beat the freeze and try to get past him.

LG - Clayface

Clayface is a great candidate to play at left guard . His shape-shifting talents will make him great in pass protection as his talents make it nearly impossible for defensive linemen or blitzing linebackers to get past him.

RT - Bane

The man who broke the Bat's back has the freakish strength you want to see from your power tackle. Bane would be an excellent addition to the offensive line.

LT - Martian Manhunter

In the modern NFL the left tackle position is the most highly paid position on the line because of the high premium that is place on protecting the quarterback. With his
superstrength, shapeshifting abilites and skills in hand to hand combat Martian Manhunter will be more than ability to hold his own in this crucial position.

As an added bonus his telepathy will allow him to get inside the head of the opposition players, reading plays and intimidating opponents.

TE - Green Lantern

Able to use his ring of power to imagine whatever he wants. The Green Lantern would be an asset as both a blocking tight end able to smash blitzing players over the head in an nearly endless variety of ways.

As a receiver his flight capabilities and ability to teleport himself make him nearly unmarkable. Plus his power ring would allow him to extent his catch radius massively by
imagining a giant net.

TE - Cyborg

Much like Green Lantern Cyborg would be both a great blocking tight end and a decent receiving option. His Superhuman strength would make him strong in pass protection whilst his supersonic flight ability would allow him to get utilised as a receiving option.

WR - Wonder Woman

Given the speed of Running Back Flash and Superman's ability to run the ball DC are likely to be a run first offense. Therefore, a wide receiver with the ability to block is a valuable asset. Wonder Woman with her super strength ticks this bill perfectly.

On top of her strength Wonder Woman's flight and all round speed are vital talents for a wide receiver to possess. Her Lasso of truth also allows her to rope wayward passes and her bracelets give her an unbeatable strong arm.

WR – Joker

Some might question the choice of the Joker given his, shall we say somewhat, unstable behviour in the past and lack of elite athleticism.

However, as a living embodiment of chaos the Joker would sow utter bedlam in the backfield distracting linebackers, cornerbacks and safeties. He would also be crafty enough to do all this without getting spotted by the referee and thus give away few to none penalties.

He might not get great many receptions but his contribution on the field would be both entertaining and invaluable.

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