After setting out the All-DC offense earlier we can now turn to the All-DC defense.

DE – Doomsday

Anyone who can lay a vicious beating on Superman possesses the ability to evisorate the pass protection and sack the QB hard. Doomsday's strength, speed and aggressive nature
make him the perfect candidate for defensive end.

Plus, since Doomsday's reactive adaptation means he can only be beaten the same way once, he would constantly force the opposition offense line to try out new and ever more imaginative ways in order to stop him.

NT – Swamp Thing

In a three-four formation the nose tackle needs to clog the running lanes up the centre in order to allow the linebackers to make plays. Swamp Things superhuman strength and durability would allow him to hold his own on the line of scrimmage.

Crucially, Swamp Things ability to make plants grow super-fast allows him to grow walls of grass that significantly delay if not completely stop plays. Of course, his effectiveness on astro-turfed pitches is reduced.

DE – Darkseid

Super strong, nearly impossible to kill and possessing physic powers, Darkseid is a great choice to slot in an defensive end. Some have raised questions about his speed off the
snap but his ability to blast tackles and guards away with omega force more than makes up for this.

CB - Cyclone

In the simplest terms possible a cornerback is there to make sure the wide receiver doesn't catch the ball. Cyclone's ability to manipulate the wind means that no matter
how good the throw, the wide receiver is going to need a miracle if they are to catch the ball at all.

CB – Shazam!

Although Cyclone can fly, she is more of a finesse corner than an enforcer who is going to get wide receivers looking over their shoulder searching for the hit, taking their eyes off the ball. Shazam should provide this.

Shazam provides the speed and strength to cover any receiver whilst also possessing the ability to call down lightening giving the opposition the shock of their lives.

MLB – General Zod

Blessed with Superman-level powers thanks to Earth's Sun, General Zod's all-round athleticism make him the perfect three down linebacker. Add in his warrior mentality and
Zod should be a great of the game.

Question marks over his character persist however after he made genocidal statements and pledged to build a new Krypton on Earth. Less moral defensive co-ordinators are
also concerned about his tendency to get trapped by Phantom Zone plays.

MLB - Brainiac

Possessing similar levels of strength to any son of Krypton there is no doubting Brainiac's ability to compete in professional football. Where he really excels though is in his ability to read the game. Brainiac's superhuman intellect means that he can work out what the play is within microseconds of the snap.

He is however, frequent target for suspension by NFL commissioner Roger Goodell due to his predilection for miniaturising the opposition to memorialise victories.

WLB – Ra's Al Ghul

Ra's Al Ghul is the ultimate Veteran linebacker. Despite playing for many seasons he never seems to lose his peak conditioning. Although reticent to go into specifics in interviews he puts this down to his very own private spar.

SLB – Batman

Every defense needs a Captain and lining up in the strong linebacker position The Dark Knight is positioned in the perfect place to lead the defense and make plays.

Some scouts question whether he possesses the physique to keep up with his super-powered team mates but those in the know look at Batman's intelligence and sheer
willpower and see an NFL superstar in the making.

FS – Green Arrow

A superb marksmen and intelligent planner Green Arrow slots into the free safety position nicely. Equipped with numerous trick arrows Green Arrow can sit back in cover and eliminate the play before it ever becomes a red zone threat.

SS – Cheetah

Cheetah's elite speed makes her ideally suited to play strong safety. If anyone manages to get through the likes of General Zod, Darkseid and Doomsday then Cheetah's elite speed should make sure the play doesn't finish in a first down. Plus her speed makes her able to slot in as a third cornerback if the need arises.

Owner/General Manager – Lex Luthor

Mulit-Billionaire owner Luthor is the ultimate Jerry Jones style NFL owner. Every so often he attempts to play himself at QB in place of franchise star Superman but it never seems to work out.

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