WWE could renew CM Punk contract against his will

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Punk could be kept within the WWE
Punk could be kept within the WWE .

The WWE are within their rights to renew the contract of CM Punk even if the self-exiled superstar does not give permission.

According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Vince McMahon and the WWE hierarchy have ensured there is a clause in every major star's contract which allows the organization to renew a contract of a wrestler who has been absent from the ring for a prolonged period of time through "injury".

The report goes on to state that the WWE does this in order to ensure wrestler's fulfil obligations which the organization feels are owed to them.

Punk, as we all know, has not bee out since January through injury instead choosing to distance himself from the WWE for personal reasons. But the clause is such that it apparently includes those superstars who owe dates after previously been "unwilling" to take part in scheduled commitments - clearly a rule which would apply to CM Punk.

As noted by Wrestle Zone, the WWE has used this clause in recent times in the case of Rey Mysterio, who, after missing much of 2013 through injury, was handed a new contract by Vince McMahon back in April.

The move does not necessarily mean that WWE fans will see CM Punk back in the ring anytime soon however, as although his contract is up for renewal this summer, it is widely believed that the WWE would simply renew the deal in order to prevent Punk from turning out for a different organization should he want to rekindle his love for the business.

Punk has been rumored to make a return to Ring of Honor in recent times, a company he worked with for several years before making it in the WWE.

Whatever the WWE decide to do in the coming months regarding CM Punk's situation the news that the wrestler could have next to no say in his future with the company is certainly an interesting development.

McMahon and co will however be hoping they can somehow reconcile their relationship with Punk before his deal runs down in July, otherwise they are looking at paying a hefty price to a man who may not ever actually appear under their name ever again.

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