World Cup 2014 top 5 attacking midfielders

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Ajren Robben one of the best midfield attackers on show in Brazil
Ajren Robben one of the best midfield attackers on show in Brazil.

The World Cup in Brazil is approaching the end of the first week and it appears that the venue of the 2014 showpiece and the attacking football we have become use to seeing from the host nation for generations, has rubbed off on all the participating nations.

The first week has been nothing short of spectacular for players with attacking flair and quite the contrary for defenders and especially goalkeepers.

In 17 matches played to date, the ball has found itself in the back of the net on no less than 51 occasions, a stunning return, that fans around the world will want to see continue over the next three weeks.

Today I am going to pick out who I think are the best five attacking midfielders on show in brazil 2014, the men behind the goals and the assists, in my view the players that have and will make the biggest impact for their respective nations.

Click below to see who made my list of the top five attacking midfielders at Brazil 2014.

Arjen Robben
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Eden Hazard
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