Triple H has been left fuming in the wake of an illness to his wife Stephanie McMahon.

The WWE's Vice President claims that Vicki Guerrero spiked the drink of McMahon, which led to her being physically sick and needing medical help.

McMahon is currently battling illness, and during his regular weekly interview with Michael Cole, Triple H let his raw feeling be known.

To add insult to injury, Guerrero even handed Triple H's current number one enemy, Roman Reigns, the opportunity to compete in the Money in the Bank WWE title ladder match.

Triple H loses the plot completely

This has obviously left HHH furious, but first of all he addressed the Stephanie situation, and after Cole initially laughed about the situation - the Vice President went to town on the commentator.

Cole explained, "It was a pretty embarrassing moment on Monday Night Raw when Step.."

Only for Triple H to interrupt and say, "O so you find it funny that my wife vomited over Vicki Guerrero? Somebody altered her drink and you find that funny in some sort of way.

"Somebody tampered with her drink and made her feel violently ill. I tell you what Michael, please ask her in the same tone and with the same chuckle, you'll see how well she's feeling."

Although there isn't any clear evidence that Guerrero spiked her drink, HHH is adamant that she was in the wrong, and he continued his tirade.

"No evidence? The evidence was running down Vicki Guerrero's face, she spat some of it out. The evidence is there, you known the truth I know the truth, the whole world knows the truth. It will be dealt with."

HHH is not only mad at the Diva

Triple H is not only mad the Diva, he's also angry at the man who took advantage of the whole situation, Roman Reigns. The former Shield member took advantage of the incident and persuaded Guerrero to allow the compete in the Battle Royal.

He subsequently won that and proceeded to the Money in the Bank ladder match where he could potentially win the WWE title. Obviously, HHH is not happy.

"I gave a lot of people opportunities," Triple H explained referring to the amount of wrestlers given an opportunity to qualify for the WWE title ladder match.
"Vickie Guerrero took it upon herself to give Roman Reigns an opportunity that I didn't want him to have. He didn't deserve it because he's a cancer in the lockeroom. He defies authority, you can't have that right. But now he's taking advantage of it and has his opportunity."