Andy Murray has joined the debate over Luis Suarez and his World Cup bite in a post-match press conference at Wimbledon.

Mark Bollons reports from Wimbledon

The number three seed and defending champions went about his business with ease on court, beating Blaz Rola in straight sets and dropping just two games in the process.

Perhaps it was the ease of the victory that meant questions drifted away from the action on Court One, and it didn’t take long for the Suarez incident to crop up.

Murray, a keen football fan, was asked for his take on the moment the Uruguay forward appeared to put his teeth into Italy defender Giorgio Chiellini, and he didn’t hold back with his response on the Liverpool striker.


"I don't think you look at that as kind of a football fan. It's just wrong. I just think it looks really weird seeing a person bite someone else. I just don't see how that would come into your thinking,” he replied.

“Obviously he's not thinking clearly at the time. There was obviously something not quite right there. I think it's the third time he's done it now.

"It's not particularly nice to see. You can understand sometimes someone lashing out or whatever. But the biting's far too much.”

Past offences

Murray was referencing the two other incidents that have involved Suarez, the first of which saw him earn the nickname the 'Cannibal of Ajax’ and a seven-match ban.

The second came whilst representing Liverpool, when the forward put his teeth into Branislav Ivanovic during a 2-2 draw in the Premier League at Anfield. He received a ten-game suspension.

Suarez’s latest misdemeanour poses serious questions for the Reds, and manager Brendan Rodgers will be far from happy with the increased scrutiny that is sure to be coming the way of the Merseyside club.

Clear opinion

This latest World Cup incident is one that crosses the boundaries of sport, and now the reigning Wimbledon champion has made it clear what he thinks about the Liverpool star.

It remains to be seen what action FIFA will take, with the organisation yet to announce their decision almost 24 hours after the incident.

Andy Murray