The NBA draft is here and with that comes the pressure for NBA franchises to make the pick that will improve their team the most.

And with that pressure comes expectation on those shoulders who are chosen.

Especially with the likes of LeBron James, Blake Griffin and Derrick Rose all being first picks in recent years, 2014's prospects have those names to match up to or face being labelled a failure.

LeBron James has become one of the biggest faces in the NBA, and quite rightly so with four MVPs and two NBA championships to his name. Imagine being the first pick out of such a deep draft knowing people expect you to become the next King James.

That limelight could fall on one of three young men who have been tipped for first pick over the coming weeks with Andrew Wiggins, Jabari Parker and Joel Embiid the most likely candidates.

For Wiggins and Parker at 19, and Embiid at 20, the three who are tipped to go furthest from this year's selection are already facing up to the inevitable comparisons that are being drawn.

On the other side, there is also the pressure to not become the next Anthony Bennett, who was 2013's top pick by the Cleveland Cavaliers. Bennett has not lived up to his billing and none of this year's draft entrants will want to fall from such heights.

This next season could define the rest of their careers, and it all depends on the temperament and character of these youngsters. Can they handle the pressure of the NBA, and thrive amongst the best in their first year as a professional, or will they wilt under the bright lights?

Only time will tell, but each team will have considered their pick for the last few weeks, hoping that they can pick the best suited player to fit their current system. Coaches may even have their own future's hanging on the back of their newest recruits.

All that remains is for the draft to take place and for these young men to step up to the plate, if they have the credentials to do so.

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