Detroit Tigers' beer vendor makes incredible foul ball catch

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This will leave you speechless
This will leave you speechless .

Major League Baseball is well known for its incredible plays on the field of play, but every now and then spectators make some sublime efforts of their own.

But it's very rare that we see one of the staff at ball parks getting involved. However, there must something in the water in Detroit, or should we say beer, as a Tigers' beer vender caught a foul ball in majestic fashion, see video below.

Majestic catch 

The use of the word majestic is not even an exaggeration either. Just after one of the Oakland Athletics batters failed to connect properly and sliced a foul ball off, the beer vender showed great awareness and flair to catch the ball in his bucket.

The incident happened in the bottom of the eighth inning when a snagged line-drive Tigers' foul ball came the way of the beer vendor, and he showed his awesome side to make the play. The beer man then showed his nice side by giving the ball to a small child. Incredible skills from the vender and certainly something that makes him a legend in the baseball beer venders community that's for sure. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, take a look at the video below.

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Who is beer vendor king?

However, there is some debate as to whether or not this catch is indeed the best catch by a beer vender this season in the MLB. Earlier this campaign, Earl Chaney of the Phillies beer vending community pulled out this beauty below.

Now we know that the second video above has the beer vendor catching the ball with the bucket on his head. And then you add in the fact that he gained a standing ovation, making it seem that he should win out. But let's remember that he didn't give the ball to a child, so the Tigers' beer vendor wins for sure.

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