NBA free agency is alive and kicking and already we've seen a lot of big deals happen.

Most of the big deals however have seen big stars remain with the teams they opted out of prior to free agency.

Kyle Lowry will remain with the Toronto Raptors, Dirk Nowitzky will stay with the Dallas Mavericks and Patty Mills has re-signed with the San Antonio Spurs.

Many of the big names are looking likely to return to their former teams, including LeBron James who is heavily favoured to return to the Miami Heat.

Despite the fact that almost everyone expects LeBron to remain in Miami, it has been confirmed that teams have been in contact with his agent.

Carmelo Anthony is currently doing a sweep of the NBA having had visits with the Chicago Bulls, Houston Rockets and LA Lakers.

his former team the New York Knicks however is still very much in contention and could still convince him to return to the big apple.

Why history proves the Knicks and Heat need to keep them

if we define a star free agent as any player who:

-was ranked in the top 20 in either Basketball Reference’s Total Win Shares or Win Shares per 48 minutes


-was a named to the First, Second, or Third Team All-NBA the season prior to hitting free agency.

on that basis, Anthony, James, Lowry, Nowitzky and Mills make up this years star free agents and with three signed up already, only two remain.

But history is against the Heat and Knicks if they should lose their players because since 2006, only the knicks have won more games the year after losing their star than they did the season with their star.

In 2010 they lost David Lee to the Golden State Warriors but won 13 games more the following year.

The worst loss record after losing their star belongs unsurprisingly to the Cleveland Cavaliers who in 2010 lost LeBron James and then won 42 less games than the previous season.

Of the last 10 star free agents to switch teams, nine of the original teams have lost more games the following season and for both the modern day New York Knicks and Miami Heat, that could be very dangerous for both franchises.

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