Week by week Roman Reigns is beginning to look like a more serious threat to the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

It is inevitable that Roman Reigns will become WWE World Heavyweight Champion soon, and it could happen as early as 2015. 

But there are still fans that believe this major push could backfire, like many big pushes have crashed and burned in the past such as Vladimir Kozlov and Drew McIntyre who were practically pushed to the moon, yet they failed.

Some fans are still questioning why Reigns is being pushed so much, he hasn't been tested as a singles superstar yet but there are already plans to stick the titles on him. You could argue that Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose carried Roman Reigns, and now that they have split we will see just how good Roman Reigns is.

I for one believe and hope he is a massive hit, but you cannot disagree with the fact that he still needs to be tested; in different feuds against different superstars, all of whom will get the very best out of Reigns and he can solidify himself as the man to carry the company. In fact, he needs to do this if he is to win over the fans and prove himself as the future of the company.

Let's take a look at which feuds Roman Reigns need to enter to entertain the fans, win them over and prove himself as one of the great superstars the WWE possesses.

Honourable mention: RUSEV

It's unclear just how long Rusev and Lana can continue this whole Russophillic, anti-American gimmick but let's not look that far ahead because the two can work. Both Lana and Rusev know how to get the audience to boo and they do that every single week. Rusev is impressive in the ring, a very good worker whilst Lana is the designated talker, the best way for Roman Reigns to win all of the fans over is to have him engage with Rusev and Lana.

Lana will make sure she and Rusev are two of the most hated in the company, the immense of boo's they receive will only result in the fans cheering that much more for Roman Reigns, just like we're seeing with Jack Swagger right now. Both styles will work will inside the ring and the fans will be into this feud.


It looks as if we will be seeing a match between Randy Orton and Roman Reigns at SummerSlam but it's clear that Kane will also play an integral role in the build-up to this match, but he shouldn't. When this feud kicks off it actually won't be a Randy Orton and Roman Reigns feud, it will be an Authority and Roman Reigns feud with Orton simply doing the in-ring work for them, as a pawn.

This isn't what needs to happen, whether it happens in two months or whether it happens after WrestleMania 31, we need Reigns to face off with a dangerous Randy Orton, the actual Viper himself and not someone doing The Authority's dirty work. We know just how evil and sly Randy can be, he needs to bring back those days in a feud with Reigns to make himself the most hated man in the company once more, and make Reigns the most loved.


Again, it looks as if we will be seeing a match between the two; this time at the Night of Champions pay-per-view. Triple H's situation is different to Orton's, Triple H needs to be a part of The Authority when he feuds with Roman Reigns. It will be difficult to go back The Game full time and Roman Reigns will be the man to bring them down.

It's already easy to spot what exactly will pan out every single week, Triple H and Roman Reigns have already had their little stare off and that has planted a seed for a blockbuster clash in a couple of months, let's hope both men do this feud justice and make it memorable. 


Seth Rollins turned his back on both Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns and The Shield imploded, this has resulted in Dean Ambrose going after Rollins' head which only means Roman Reigns will also get a shot at his former stable mate too. The situation for Ambrose and Reigns could be different, Ambrose is stopping Rollins from becoming WWE World Heavyweight Champion whilst a Rollins and Reigns feud will involve the gold itself.

The thing the fans would want to see is a cash-in at WrestleMania, it has never been done before. Imagine, Roman Reigns finally becomes WWE World Heavyweight Champion and gets his moment at last, only for Rollins to cash-in his briefcase and snatch it all away from him. Either way, one of them should be champion and this feud has a lot of potential to go down as one of the best in recent years.


The official passing of the torch, John Cena has been the face of the company for over a decade now and will be until the day he calls it a day. He isn't getting any younger and will still want to compete with some of the younger talent coming through the ranks and Roman Reigns falls under that category. Towards the end of Cena's dominance at the top, or towards the end of his career the WWE will want the next big face to take over, and what better way to do that than have Reigns and Cena in a feud.

John Cena will never turn heel, it just won't happen as there is simply too much money to lose in this. So in a potential feud both men will be the face as we've seen in recent years with the likes of Shawn Michaels and The Undertaker, Triple H and The Undertaker and The Rock and John Cena, the fans will be split down the middle as it should be in this case. John Cena will eventually go over to Reigns and pass on the torch, Hulk Hogan did it with The Rock at WrestleMania X8, The Rock did it with John Cena and WrestleMania 29 and John Cena should do it with Roman Reigns, if he is to be this big star everyone is wishing and expecting to happen.


You could say that John Cena has a target on his back because he is the WWE World Heavyweight Champion; fans want him to lose, superstars want his gold and Seth Rollins wants to cash in his briefcase on him. But if there is one superstar who has the biggest target on his back is Brock Lesnar. Brock Lesnar conquered The Undertaker's WrestleMania streak and now every superstar would love to beat the man that ended the streak.

In this case, a feud between Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar needs to happen because if the WWE does want Roman Reigns to be their massive face like John Cena has been then Reigns needs to beat the man that ended the streak. This will bring out the best in both the feud and Roman Reigns as Paul Heyman will make sure his client comes off as one of the greatest superstars to have stepped in the ring, whilst his microphone work will also help elevate Roman Reigns into stardom.

A potential clash between Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania would show the faith the WWE are displaying in Reigns and just how much they value him, let's hope his massive push works out well especially if he is to defeat the man that ended the streak.

WWE fans - what do you think? Who else does Roman Reigns need to feud with? Let us know your picks in the comments section below and come discuss all things WWE with me on Twitter @RazK28.

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