CM Punk to feature in WrestleMania Rewind as WWE end radio silence

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Punk's Money in the Bank achievements will be focus of show
Punk's Money in the Bank achievements will be focus of show.

The WWE's decision to dedicate an entire WWE Network show to CM Punk has sparked rumors that the self-exiled wrestler could be set for a shock return.

The WWE revealed (courtesy of a promo ahead of Monday Night RAW) that their next WrestleMania Rewind show will focus entirely on CM Punk's historic back-to-back Money in the Bank wins.

Giving Punk a platform

This marks a dramatic change of direction from the WWE hierarchy regarding Punk. Since the Canadian's last appearance in the organization back in January 2014, Vince McMahon and co have seemingly been at pains to keep quiet on the situation - doing their upmost to dampen the support for Punk by all but removing his achievements from their live shows. 

Over the past five months the only snippets of information that have made their way into the public domain were, first McMahon admitting that CM Punk was taking an extended break, and then a leaked WWE script which saw the wrestler listed as out "injured".

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Change in focus

The move is likely to generate intrigue from the WWE faithful simply because the WWE are finally returning to including CM Punk in promo and official shows when all hope seemed lost.

Even during the recent Money in the Bank pay per view event, Punk was a notable omission from a highlights reel package put together by the organization. Considering his two consecutive victories at WrestleMania 24 and 25 is a feat that has never been achieved before or since that was viewed by many as the ultimate confirmation that Punk's future in WWE was all but over.

But their tactics seem to have changed since then and it's not as if they are doing it quietly. The WrestleMania Rewind is one of the most popular shows currently available on the Network and putting CM Punk front and center for the next episode shows a considerable cooling of hostility toward the wrestler at the very least.

Punk position

WWE fans however will be hoping that the move is a step beyond that however. With Punk's wife AJ Lee having recently made a return to WWE after time away perhaps the bosses are plotting a sensational return for CM Punk himself.

At present his contract with the organization is up for renewal on July 17. With that date under two weeks away it makes the decision for WWE to return to promoting Punk even more intriguing.  


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