Miami Hurricanes dismiss 2 players after 'Sexual Battery' arrest

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It is a dark day for 'The U'
It is a dark day for 'The U'.

The Miami Hurricanes football program have dismissed two players after being arrested for sexual battery.

Alex Figueroa and JaWand Blue were arrested on Tuesday after getting a 17-year old drunk and raping her after a 4th of July party. Both Figueroa and Blue are 20-year old linebackers. 

"Physically Incapacitated"

According to the police report, both players admitted to buying drinks for the accuser, bringing her back to Figueroa's dorm room in the early-morning hours of Saturday and repeatedly performing sexual acts, including intercourse, without her consent while she was "physically helpless to resist."

The victim was given a "substance" by the players that left her "physically or mentally incapacitated."

Both players face charges of sexual battery on a physically helpless victim and are being held on $10,000 bond, according to the Miami-Dade County records obtained by the Palm Beach Post.

Zero Tolerance

“Earlier today, I permanently dismissed JaWand Blue and Alexander Figueroa from the UM football team,” athletic director Blake James said in a statement.

“The University has also suspended the students from school and barred them from all campus facilities while the University conducts an internal investigation and continues to cooperate with local law enforcement.”

Dark Day

This really is a dark day for the University and the players in question have disgraced the Hurricanes program and everyone associated with it. i'm glad the college have moved so quickly to get the two out of their institution.

Figueroa was in line to start at one of the outside linebacker positions on the Hurricane defense after playing two games last season from the start. Blue appeared in two games, making one tackle last year, and not Miami will have to rely on others to complement Denzel Perryman at the linebacker unit.

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