Troy Tulowitzki shocked the Major League Baseball universe this weekend when he suggested that he was tired of losing every year with the Colorado Rockies and wanted to be some place where he had a chance to play in the postseason every year. It wasn’t an outlandish demand by any stretch, but one I’m sure that all players would echo.

Bored of Losing

The All-Star is an excellent player, he and everyone that watches baseball knows it, and after eight years with Colorado it seems like the Shortstop wants to win stuff now, not just be a big fish in a small MLB pond. And Ken Rosnethal of Fox Sports hints that a trade request could be coming sooner than later.

From Rosenthal's report earlier today:

"Well, a deal probably will not happen before July 31, but no one should be surprised this offseason if Tulowitzki formally asks owner Dick Monfort to trade him."

"Tulowitzki loves Colorado. He understands the value of spending his career with one team. But how much longer can he stand losing? As one of his friends put it, “I think the guy is going to lose his mind.”

Rockies in Ruins

Since their inception, the Colorado Rockies have struggled to build a talented pitching staff thanks to the rarefied air. And while the famed humidor has greatly reduced the offense at Coors Field, free agent arms simply don’t want to pitch in Colorado.

That makes winning difficult, especially when the vast majority of your payroll is eaten up by the contracts of Tulowitzki and Carlos Gonzalez. What happens in the future though remains to be seen, but it could well be featuring 'Tulo' in a different uniform.

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