Vince McMahon's WWE Network push gets even more desperate

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McMahon is getting desperately
McMahon is getting desperately.

WWE is enduring money troubles left, right and center, but the wrestling organization is still incredibly popular. However, the move from Vince McMahon to establish a subscription-based video streaming service has fallen flat on its face.

Things are looking quite grim for WWE, with its network losing plenty of money for the company. But that doesn't mean the company and its Chairman, Vince McMahon, has given up hope of their fortunes changing.

In fact, WWE are actually still desperately trying to push the network to their fans, with Vince McMahon making his plea on Monday. "Do you want to sample #WWENetwork for free?" McMahon tweeted on Monday.


The reason this particular push to get fans to watch the WWE Network is so desperate is because of the terms and conditions that come along with it. Vince McMahon is allowing fans to sign up without even providing their own credit card details.

It's clear that WWE is no closer to the 1.4 million global subscribers it needs to make money from the venture, according to reports.

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Bad news

The bad news for WWE fans started back in April when the company announced it only had 667,000 subscribers to its network. This was quite a way off the 2 million subscribers that it wanted by the end of the year.

It's hard to know exactly what situation the WWE is in because the company is not going to publish their latest network figures until their second quarter earnings are out, but moves like this suggest the figures won't be good. 

Extra help

Even former WWE Champion and Real World housemate The Miz got in on the act and tried to woo potential subscribers.

"Starting today get a free preview of WWE Network. NO credit card required NO strings attached; create a free account," The Miz tweeted.

It seems that WWE are trying to pull out all the stops to get new fans interested in the network. Whether or not it works in the long-term, only time will tell.

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