CM Punk won't return to WWE just because AJ Lee has

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Shelton Benjamin and CM Punk were two men to enter MITB at Mania 23
Shelton Benjamin and CM Punk were two men to enter MITB at Mania 23.

CM Punk's decision to leave WWE in January of this year acted as one of the most explosive exits in the history of the entertainment organization. Stories surrounding that acrimonious exit have been covered far and wide, acting as arguably the hottest topic in WWE this year.

Ever since that day, WWE fans have waited eagerly for news of a possible return for CM Punk. That news has come, but endless false dawns have led to many wrestling fans becoming frustrated.

Some blame CM Punk for the situation he's in, but some blame WWE for mistreating the star wrestler.

AJ Lee return

Whoever you blame, more news in the last week has fuelled the possibility of a return for CM Punk. The news was the WWE return of his wife, AJ Lee, who successfully defeated Paige and regained her Divas title.

The fact that the pair are married and that WWE sought fit to get AJ Lee back on board meant CM Punk return rumors hit a new high after several weeks of no updates.

No return

But WWE fans who believe AJ Lee's return is likely to see some kind of change of fate for CM Punk will feel sad to learn that it's certainly not the case. According to PWInsider, the return of AJ Lee has "no bearing at all" on the fate of CM Punk.

They've managed to delve further into things, and having asked their WWE sources whether or not CM Punk's situation has changed in the last week because of his wife's return, WWE sources came back with a resounding "no."

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The situation

PWInsider report that CM Punk's WWE contract will run out on July 17, and the two parties look no closer to settling their differences and coming to terms with some sort of compromise.

If somehow Vince McMahon and CM Punk settled their differences and the superstar wrestler did come back, just imagine the interest. It could be the decision that changes the fortunes of WWE. Love him or hate him, CM Punk is still big news.

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