Lebron James looks like he is moving out of his Miami home

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Moving trucks outside Lebron's house (© Alex Musibay @ANM90)
Moving trucks outside Lebron's house (© Alex Musibay @ANM90).

Lebron James has been dominating the headlines recently, with the four-time NBA Most Valuable Player currently without a team and in the process of deciding where he wants to spend the next part of his career; with the Miami Heat or moving back to Cleveland and the Cavaliers.

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Bye Bye 'Bron

Well, in the age of social media nothing goes by without someone noticing, and so it proved today, as pictures emerged of moving trucks outside the star forward's Miami house, loading up his super cars and taking them away. You can see one of the aforementioned snaps above.

What's weird about this is the fact that there is currently no-one residing in the James household. Lebron himself is at his basketball camp in Las Vegas, while his wife and children are back in Akron, Ohio.

A Possibility

It is entirely possible that this could signal the end of James' time in Miami and with the Heat. It really does look like no-one expects for them to be returning to the house at all, unless moving all your cars at once is a normal thing to do just over the summer.

We really cannot say for sure what this all means, there are numerous other potential explanations - some of which could have absolutely nothing to do with basketball - and it remains to be seen what will transpire.

Devil's Advocate

But what did we learn today? The Cleveland Cavaliers cleared enough cap space to be able to offer James a max contract by clearing out Jarrett Jack and two others in a three way trade with Brooklyn and Boston. I'm playing Devil's Advocate here of course, but nothing can be ruled out at this stage. Not even the ludicrous.

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