The Miami Heat should retool around Chris Bosh

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Bosh is one of the league's best (©GettyImages)
Bosh is one of the league's best (©GettyImages).

Just as the thunderstorms in South Florida let up LeBron James let them down. LeBron committed to returning home to Ohio and playing for the Cleveland Cavaliers next season.

For Miami the loss will mean the Heat’s entire team identity will change and if Miami hopes to be competitive next season the team’s identity will have to be built around Chris Bosh.

Bosh underrated

Since Bosh signed in 2010 his talents have been vastly underrated. Many casual fans forget how Bosh was one of the league’s premier rim attackers and defenders of either forward position. If the Heat can convince Bosh to be the center piece of their team the organization will likely be competitive for at least a three more seasons.

The trick to convincing Bosh to stay will be signing complementary talent from free agency. The primary way Miami will prove their commitment to Chris is to convince Dwyane Wade to still take that pay cut he was prepared to take. The pay cut will allow Miami to pick up at least two grade A role players to accessorize Bosh’s skills.

Avoiding the pitfalls

If the Miami Heat focus their roster around Bosh the Heat run the risk of becoming the NBA’s next Brooklyn Nets. The 2013-2014 Net’s team was characterized as old, slow and over paid. Only wise signings and calculated risks will enable Miami to maintain competitiveness. Luckily the Heat have the best player manager in the NBA, President of Basketball operations Pat Riley.

By the end of next week we should know whether Miami is going to be competing for championships or a top lottery pick in next year’s draft.

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