WWE stars that could be next to be released

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Everyone but Vince wants to see the match return (©GettyImages)
Everyone but Vince wants to see the match return (©GettyImages).

The WWE is in a precarious position right now.

Reports of budget cuts are rampant, and that has been backed up by the amount of talent that has found itself "future endeavoured" since WrestleMania, along with cuts to the production and backstage staff.

The company was putting a lot of chips on the table when they invested in the WWE Network, but at the moment, they are coming up short.

The hierarchy aren't happy with the number of subscriptions the Network has sold, coupled with a TV deal that has not improved, the WWE has recently announced massive losses for the last year.

Vince McMahon and Triple H responded by purging a number of on screen talents from the company, but the WWE still has a remarkable amount of dead weight on their roster. It seems that same people are competing on every episode of RAW and SmackDown week-in week-out, whether they be challenging for the title, or jobbing to Rusev.

We see the same faces. Then there is the talent of NXT to consider, they are working hard right now down in Orlando, and all of them are hungry for the main roster.

In fact there are many who consider NXT to be the best wrestling show the WWE is offering right now.

So what's "best for business"? Well the answer would be to cut down the talents who have had there chance, or are simply running in place. With the abundance of talent down in the developmental system, it's arguable that no one will really miss the following Superstars.

So who should really start sweating over answering their phone...

Vince McMahon
Rey Mysterio
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