NFL Top 100: 5 biggest snubs

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Broncos' QB Manning topped the vote  (©GettyImages)
Broncos' QB Manning topped the vote (©GettyImages).

Over the summer the NFL has been counting down the top 100 NFL players for 2014.

This list is voted on by the players and is supposed to represent the top 100 players that are going to have the best season going into 2014.

The list wrapped up recently with Peyton Manning coming out as the number one. As we look down the top 100 list we can see some glaring omissions.

Some players on the list are overvalued. Some players are undervalued and then there are a group of players who haven't mad the list at all.

They have been snubbed by their peers. Here are the top five victims...

New Orleans Saints
Cleveland Browns
Denver Broncos
Atlanta Falcons
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