NFL legend would hesitate in letting his son play 'violent sport of football'

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Brett Favre at the ESPY Awards
Brett Favre at the ESPY Awards.

The NFL's all time leader in passing yards and touchdowns Brett Favre would be hesitant to let his son play the 'violent sport' of football.

Favre in fact does not actually have a son but if he were to have one in the future, the likelihood of his young lad playing the sport that made his father a legend is unlikely.

The ex-quarterback has mentioned before about his future reluctancy to allow his son to play the violent sport, back in November Favre was quoted as saying he would be "leery of letting his son play football".

Favre listed a couple of reasons why he wouldn't want his son playing the sport, firstly that he wouldn't want his child to feel the need to live up to his legacy in the NFL, but it is believed the main reason is that he thinks the risk of injuries are too significant.

There has been a spotlight recently shone on the league and its dealings with head injuries sustained by its players, the concern has lead all the way to grass root levels of the sport with parents now becoming more and more conscious over allowing their children to compete at an early age in such a physical contest.

Favre recently told WDAM in Mississippi: "It’s a violent sport, and for two reasons I don’t know if I’d let him play, The pressures to, you know, live up to what your dad had done, but most importantly the damage that is done by playing. I don’t know if I would let him play.”

The risks of injury run with every sport in the world and even non-contact activities can lead to some of the worst injuries, however the conversation of the danger involved with the football is one that takes precedent over other sports.

The NFL at the highest level of the sport continues to implement rules and ideologies over how to make the game safer and the progression of its outcomes is an ongoing process.

Many will consider it rather unusual for a player like Favre, who played with a reckless abandon to be as concerned with the injury effects that could be dealt out.

Often it seemed that the quarterback who had a cannon for an arm was also made of stone, attempting daring escapes and welcoming contact, Favre has certainly felt the brutality of the sport but also possessed the toughness to play 20 seasons in the NFL.

If Favre's potential son would be cut of the same mould of his father, then you may see his dad encourage him to play the sport he made millions, even whilst being careful of the injuries that could result, it's part of the game.

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