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Rosberg could take revenge on home ground

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Rosberg and Hamilton battling for the first place (©GettyImages)
Rosberg and Hamilton battling for the first place (©GettyImages).

After the triumph of Lewis Hamilton in the British Grand Prix, Germany is the next destination of the Formula One World Championship where Nico Rosberg could take revenge on English teammate on home ground.

A heart breaking mechanical issue left Rosberg retiring for the first time of the season during the British Grand Prix, but a breathless victory by team-mate Lewis Hamilton by 30 seconds over second place Bottas, left Britain full of joy with 120 000 flattered British spectators at Silverstone two weeks ago - witnessing the first British driver winning Silverstone in six years.

Rosberg's turn

This weekend it could be the German's driver turn Rosberg to claim a home win after a mouth-watering British Grand Prix. Driving skills and battle up-front but also in the middle with Ferrari Alonso climbing the grid to finish sixth, after grabbing a poor 16th place in the qualifying, were what had made an impressive and enjoyable race to watch.

The German's audience were the happiest at the time last year as the German World Champion Sebastian Vettel was victorious in the German Grand Prix, whereas Rosberg managed to finished only ninth - 41.8sec after Vettel.

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But Rosberg could be the highest on the podium this weekend, if he continues to show exceptional driving skills to claim a home turf victory - and that would just demonstrate the  exciting rivalry in the Mercedes garage - but what an achievement it would be for Rosberg to win in Germany to save his place at the top of the table and leave Hamilton far behind.

Tight championship

The Mercedes German pilot is on top the table after having skilfully win three races so far, with 165. But his retirement at Silverstone left teammate Hamilton grabbing the maximum of points and, which place him just four points behind first place.

Hamilton has won two more Grand Prix than Rosberg so far this season, and the British driver is determined to be World Champion again for the second time - claiming his first tittle in his first season in Formula One in 2008.

Rosberg will have to be the best on the track to gain a pole position and lead the Grand Prix as Ferrari's driver Fernando Alonso has a good record in Germany, wining twice in the past four years.

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