Tebow time may not be finished just yet

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Tebow coming back?
Tebow coming back?.

One of the greatest NFL trends of recent years is looking in good shape and shouldn't be ruled out of a return.

Tebow time may not be over just yet as the former Denver Broncos and New England Patriots Quarterback Tim Tebow has given an insight to his training regime.

The former pro-Quarterback has been spending a lot of his time travelling from Texas where he works on his throwing ability to Arizona where he undergoes very rigorous workouts.

He is working at the same level of many NFL starting Quarterbacks are before they returned to camp ahead of the upcoming season.

His workouts may not be in vein however, since being released by the Patriots before the 2013 NFL season, Tebow has not played for another team.

Many consider his professional career to be over but Tebow himself sticks to his roots when asked about a return to the NFL.

As seen in the video above, Tebow sticks to his religious background saying: "I don't know what my future holds, but I know who holds my future,'" 

The workouts themselves seem fairly strenuous and similar to what the likes of Johnny Manziel, Cam Newton and Russell Wilson will all have gone through over recent weeks.

Tebow won't be returning to the NFL this season however but he will still be gracing our screens as a college football analyst on the SEC Network.

Its not all bad for Tebow however, if another NFL opportunity doesn't arrive for the Quarterback, his deal with the SEC Network is a multi-year one so he wo't be unemployed for a while.

From NFL to SEC

Tebow's NFL days are best remembered for his time with the Denver Broncos when he launched the fad of Tebowing (as seen here).

He became known for doing that pose on the sideline during a series of fourth quarter comebacks for the Broncos.

From there he had a season with the New York Jets but failed to establish himself amongst a positional class including Geno Smith and Mark Sanchez.

After his year with the Jets, he moved to their AFC East rival Patriots where he failed to even make the cut for Bill Belichick's men and has been out of the NFL ever since.

Who knows what will come next for Tebow but one thing is for certain, should the NFL come knocking, he will be ready.

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