Dean Ambrose is one of the biggest rising stars in the WWE Universe. Following the split up of The Shield, Ambrose has emerged as a star in his own right with the fans loving his crazed/mentally deranged attitude and road-dog style in a current feud against Seth Rollins and the rest of The Authority. 

Ambrose is holding his own as well against the establishment. Well except for Triple H that is.

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In an interview with Brett Buchanan for rock news site, Ambrose revealed that Helmsley is just a different animal when it comes to behind the scenes stuff, and that the COO makes him feel an idiot when discussing ideas.

Not so Brilliant Ideas

"[We ended up being able to] work with Triple H, and [I would] go up to him with what [I thought] was a brilliant idea, because I tend to think I'm pretty smart," Ambrose starts out in the interview.

"I'll go up and say I have a brilliant idea, and he'll shoot 10,000 logic holes in it, and I'll go, 'Oh yeah I am stupid, that's way smarter the way he put it.' Seeing how Triple H thinks is very educational," Ambrose went on to say.

"Kind of the same thing with Piper, seeing those guys go through their process and think about things, and bring logic to what is often an illogical form of entertainment, is pretty cool."


Ambrose went on to discuss the arrival of Japanese star KENTA into the TNA/WWE and how much it shows the WWE Performance Centre has improved.

"When it comes to KENTA, I saw him in Japan and talked to him a little bit. Him coming in just shows you the difference in the Performance Center. When I came in it was a totally different story than what it is today. I slipped in the back door of developmental, the only guy I was even vaguely familiar with was Seth [Rollins], and I never wrestled him before....But he was the only guy I had even remotely heard of, it was just a bunch of other guys."

Ambrose is a real talent in the WWE and looks like he has a great future. Spending more time around a veteran like Triple H would be a smart move though.

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