It is that time of the year when NFL training camp is in full swing. During this period rookies on all NFL teams get the chance to show that they are ready for the challenges of playing football at the highest level.

But this time of the season is not just a time to shine, it's a time for team bonding and a period in which rookies get to know veteran players.

Every player in the NFL was once a rookie, and most first year players in the league go through somewhat of a hazing period in which they are subjected to tame abuse.


The type of tame abuse they undergo differs from team to team, but it seems that the Washington Redskins rookies are getting the brunt of the NFL veteran league-wide abuse.

Zach Hocker is the new kicker on the Redskins term after he was selected in the seventh round of the 2014 NFL Draft. And by the looks of his picture and caption on his Instagram profile, Hocker has been embroiled in some forced rookie shenanigans.

Terrible haircut

The picture above is one that he posted on his Instagram profile with the caption "No one ever said your rookie season would be easy.."

Now it's obvious that Hocker is not exactly bothered about having to undergo this type of hazing, but not all NFL hazing has been acceptable in the past - with the bullying scandal that rocked the Miami Dolphins team last year providing the perfect example.

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Different approach

In the wake of the trouble that the Dolphins faced last season, teams like St Louis Rams have decided to take a step back from too much initiations. Now the Rams still make the rookies carry veteran players' helmets off the practice field, but coach Jeff Fisher thinks it's important to not treat his first year players like rookies all the time.

"Yeah, we have a philosophy about that," Fisher told USA Today. "The rookies are here to help us win and if you treat a rookie like a rookie he's going to inevitably do something stupid and act like a rookie."

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