Will the Tour de France return to England?

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Huge crowds lined the streets in London (©GettyImages)
Huge crowds lined the streets in London (©GettyImages).

After the Tour de France started in England this year, was it a success and should it be back on our shores soon?

I believe it should be. In my eyes the first three stages of the Tour de France were a huge success and I'm pretty sure the prestigious race will be back in England within the next few years.

Why so successful?

So why was it so successful? Well I think that was mainly down to the crowds who lined every road from Leeds to London.

A lot of the race organisers and riders praised the crowds and the British riders were especially impressed by the sheer noise their made.

Packed London streets

I have first hand experience of how loud the crowds were as I was on the Mall in London to see the third stage. The streets of London were packed solid even when the riders were around three hours from the finish.

I would say there were more people at the finishes in England than there have been in some of the French towns and cities.

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In Yorkshire in particular there were thousands of people all along the course and I definitely think the Tour will return to Yorkshire at some point.

The Tour de France brought a lot of tourists to England and with cycling becoming such a big sport in the United Kingdom it really helped to encourage even more people to get on their bikes and start riding.

Giro d'Italia

The Giro d'Italia also started in Ireland and with the Commonwealth Games in Scotland this year having been very successful I would like to think if the tour isn't to return to England soon, it will go to Scotland, Ireland or Wales. Team Sky's Geraint Thomas openly said that he would like to see the tour visit Wales.

The only disappointing part of the first three stages was the abandonment of Mark Cavendish after his crash at the end of stage one. All eyes were on him but unfortunately he couldn't win the stage and the German sprinter Marcel Kittel took the win.

Cavendish was desperate to win the first stage so he could win the yellow jersey for the first time in his career.

Apart from Cavendish though the start of the Tour de France was a great success and there is no doubt in my mind that England will host the start of the race again in the coming years.

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