Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier get into brawl at UFC Press Day

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Jones last defeated Glover Teixiera at UFC 172 (©GettyImages)
Jones last defeated Glover Teixiera at UFC 172 (©GettyImages).

Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier have given fight fans a preview of their UFC 178 clash, with the two brawling at a UFC Press Day.

The two fighters have taken time out of training to trade shots at each other over Twitter and Instagram and that boiled over when the two faced off at a press conference.

The Video

The video, which was released by MMAFighting.com, shows the two men butting heads before Cormier gives Jones a big shove, which causes him to go after the former heavyweight fighter.

Jones seemingly manages to get a takedown as the two fall off the stage into a pile of chairs, destroying the stage they're on as security rush to separate the pair.

The aftermath

Jones and Cormier have wasted no time in going after each other again on social media, with Jones firing the first shots.

The Light Heavyweight champ tweeted "Come on DC where was your takedown defense?"

Shortly after that he released an Instagram video where he repeatedly tell Cormier he "sucks" and is "scared."

Cormier has returned fire as well - bashing Jones' ability to strike: "@JonnyBones u hit like a b***h. Better be kicking because I will eat ur punches all day. Ur a punk. I can't wait to beat u up. My goodness."

Despite some members of the public getting caught up in the crossfire of Jones and Cormier's wrath - most notably the host who was thrown aside by Jones - UFC President Dana White was obviously loving the fight.

"I just landed in Bora Bora for my first vacation in a while and it's starting off perfect!!! @dc_mma and @JonnyBones" Tweeted White as the hype for UFC 178 exploded on social media.

The UFC is likely to bolster security for the next face-to-face in order to avoid a situation similar to Chael Sonnen and Wanderlei Silva, where the two fighters brawled on TUF Brazil 3, resulting in Silva getting injured and delaying their fight.

178 is set to be one of the biggest cards of the year, with top fights all across the card but Jones-Cormier is the biggest moneymaker and losing that would be a huge blow for the UFC.

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