UFC star says beer and women make fighters weak

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Chuck Liddell was a well known partier during his career (©GettyImages)
Chuck Liddell was a well known partier during his career (©GettyImages).

Khabib Nurmagomedov has sworn off women and alcohol for his career, saying that they 'spoil' fighters and make them weak.

The number three ranked lightweight has said in an interview with Russian outlet, prosports.ru, did an extensive profile piece on the fighter, which was translated by mixedmartialarts.com, where he said the two vices ruin fighters.

The Comments

"There are fighters in America who can drink on Friday and Saturday," said Nurmagomedov. "After an event I saw it myself in the hotel - 80% of them are already drunk. Not the champs but middle-of-the-pack guys, guys like one win, two losses.

"A couple of times they called me with them to the club. I told them I'm a Muslim. And they were like 'Come on, we know two Muslims and they visit the clubs with us all the time!' I have tried to explain them, that a Muslim is not ideal but Islam is. Alcohol and girls stand in a way of an athlete, they spoil him and make him weak."

The Dagestan based fighter is 22-0 during his professional career and will most likely be put into a number one contender's bout when he returns from injury - showcasing that his commitment to training has worked out so far.

Street fighting history

Nurmagomedov has perhaps one of the most colourful histories of the current UFC roster, with his bear fighting antics well known - he also revealed that he's had more than his fair share of street fights when he was younger.

"My record on the streets is more than 22-0," he said. "But it's all in the past though, I haven't had an altercation for about three years. To be honest, in our city we have a lot of altercations. On the streets I fought athletes who were confident in themselves: we have all kinds of sportsmen here. Freestyle wrestlers, Judo guys, boxers, serious athletes, heavyweights, funny guys - I fought different types of people."

"The fights took place both standing and on the ground, I performed different submissions and chokes. It was like, I put a guy to sleep, then help him come to his senses, and we part our ways. When you are young you don't understand that you can inflict an injury. At the same time, five years ago I was not as dangerous as I am now. I could get slept as well."

Nurmagomedov remains to be one of the most feared men in the lighter divisions and should he beat his next opponent, then current champion, Anthony Pettis and next contender, Gilbert Melendez will be looking over their shoulder at the 25 year old who has the potential to become the next Anderson Silva or Jon Jones.

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