Oakland Athletics or Detroit Tigers: Who has the better rotation now?

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David Price, 28, makes his Detroit Tigers debut tonight after playing for the Tampa Bay Rays. (©GettyImages)
David Price, 28, makes his Detroit Tigers debut tonight after playing for the Tampa Bay Rays. (©GettyImages).

With the trade deadline in the rear-view mirror, fans are not planning to wait long to see how their favorite teams pan out.

Two prime examples of these “teams” I’m talking about, the Oakland A’s and the Detroit Tigers. Both squads went out and grabbed two of the biggest names out there on deadline day.

Late drama on deadline day

The A’s went after ace Jon Lester, and the Tigers went after one of their own in the form of David Price. A key thing to note, neither team necessarily needed these stars. No, both of these organizations took the time to figuratively flex their muscles and made what were already solid pitching rotations and turned them into dynamite.

Detroit Tigers rotation

So now the next question is who has the better pitching staff? Well, one could choose either/or and change their mind the next and I wouldn’t blame them. With Detroit you’ve got last year’s Cy Young winner Max Scherzer, former American League MVP and Cy Young winner Justin Verlander, and now you add in another, you guessed it, former Cy Young winner in Price.

Oakland A's rotation

So the Tigers have the proven talent so far but what about the A’s? Well the Athletics already had young studs like Sonny Gray, Scott Kazmir, and the recently acquired Jeff Samardzija and then you toss in a red-hot Lester and you can see why Oakland has the potential in this battle (none of the fore mentioned Oakland pitchers are over the age of 30).

Personally, I like the Detroit combination just a little bit more but you could easily, easily make the argument for the Athletics just the same. So far, Jon Lester has made his first start for Oakland and he came away with a win but we will have to see what Price does tonight in his debut.

This is a debate that could go on for a while baseball fans, get comfortable.

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