Ronda Rousey called a bigger star than Floyd Mayweather

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Has Floyd been overtaken as the biggest name in fighting?
Has Floyd been overtaken as the biggest name in fighting?.

Floyd Mayweather may have no idea who she is, but according to WWE manager Paul Heyman, UFC star Ronda Rousey is the biggest draw on the planet right now.

Heyman is responsible for creating some of the biggest stars in wrestling history, and having worked with Brock Lesnar for so many years he knows a thing or two about what it takes to be a pay-per-view smash.

Heyman appeared on The MMA Hour earlier in the week and they asked him who the biggest PPV draw was at the moment. Without too much hesitation, the veteran named Rousey:

Hot Shots

"I think the UFC has the biggest draw in PPV at the moment: Ronda Rousey."

Although Heyman could not deny that Mayweather was a bigger draw on a one-off basis, he mentioned that her sheer marketability and global perception make her easier to back from a business standpoint.

"Rousey brings a lot of things to the table that Mayweather does not. She is new to the general media. She is very sponsorable. Floyd Mayweather is not very sponsorable. He is always in trouble with the law. He is always in some sort of a scandal, always in some sort of trouble. It is not really the type of thing that Nike really wants to sponsor."


On top of saying that Rousey is "more sponsorable" than Money Mayweather, Heyman went even further, saying that Rousey has has the potential to seriously become a modern day Mike Tyson.

"Ronda Rousey is ridiculously sponsorable. Networks can build reality shows around her. She is at the top of her game and not satisfied with that yet. We haven't seen the best of Ronda Rousey yet, and I said this: everybody in the PPV business is looking for the next Mike Tyson. The UFC has her - her name is Ronda Rousey."

The Champ Is Here...to stay

Rousey is definitely one of the biggest named females in sport right now and she is creating a whole brand for herself. The women's champ is in massive demand for interviews and she is now a film star with her appearance in The Expendables 3. 

Rowdy Ronda Rousey is going to be around for a long time to come, the real question in all this is if the UFC can find her good enough challengers to keep on drawing in the crowds.

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