Jon Jones labels next UFC opponent fat and pregnant

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Jon Jones has called out his next opponent
Jon Jones has called out his next opponent.

Trashtalking is part and parcel of brutal sports. A way with words is often associated with even the most devastating fighters.

Across physical sports such as boxing and UFC, many stars have shown their expertise in whipping up fan interest for their scheduled fights.

UFC is littered with some great wordsmiths on the mic. But two of their stars came to blows last week when Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier had a vicious brawl during a promotion for their upcoming fight.

Fat and pregnant 

We'll get to the gritty details of that brawl in a minute, but first let's assess one of the crazy stories that has come out of the Jon Jones camp this week.

Jones was on SportsNation on Wednesday doing the busy work of building up some hype for his fight against Cormier later this month.

You are always likely to get some quality bites out of Jon Jones, but even SportsNation must have been happy with the gem he served up this week. Here's what he aimed Cormier's way on SportsNation.

"Daniel, I hope your belly and your baby are well. I hope I didn't injure the baby. I hope you have a happy pregnancy," Jon Jones said speaking to the camera aimed whilst on SportsNation.


This is not simply tame abuse but it's not overly hard hitting either. It's just the right amount of abuse to gain interest for the fight at UFC 178 on September 27, while also making the blockbuster storyline appeal even stronger.

But UFC is not WWE, these storylines are real, and the promotion session that we talked about earlier was a great example of the real hatred Jones and Cormier share for each other. During the promo to the audience, Cormier was on stage getting all kinds of media attention before Jon Jones was introduced.

Glorious scenes 

Jones immediately headbutted Cormier, before the contender grabbed Jones by the neck.
This is when things got even most tasty with advertising boarding and UFC personnel flying everywhere. Check out the video below for the action.

If the fight itself is half as good as all this, we are in for a treat. 

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