Rudy Gay added to Team USA

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Will Gay stay with the Kings?
Will Gay stay with the Kings?.

After Paul George went down with a leg injury, and Kevin Durant became just the latest all-star to remove himself from consideration, it was only natural that Team USA would look to add another star to FIBA camp.

It was announced early Thursday morning the new camp invitee would be Sacramento Kings small forward Rudy Gay - and he's made the team. 

Gay looked like a budding prospect when he stormed onto the NBA during his rookie season in 2006. However, he has not take the proverbial next step that players such as Kevin Durant and Paul George have taken. 

Career year

Although Gay has soured on his previous teams, he seems to have found a home in Sacramento. He had one of his most efficient seasons last year with careers highs in shooting, 48 percent from the field, and he averaged 20 points per game. Gay also posted three assists per game, another career high.

This decision to invite Gay to camp is logical, because he has similarities to both Paul George and Kevin Durant, and can play defense. However, it looks like a long shot for him to make the team over players who have been at camp from the beginning.

Will he make the team?

It would be hard to tell another small forward, like Gordon Hayward, that they did not make it, because Rudy Gay took their spot. Gay would need to come into camp, and clearly outperform all other participants.

In the end it would make more sense for Team USA to select a specialist, like Kyle Korver, or a budding talent, like Gordon Hayward, over Rudy Gay. They have more experience with the team, coaches, and system than Gay does. 

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