NFL: 3 insane reasons why Peyton Manning tried to run against 49ers

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Peyton Manning is lucky that he didn't get injured at the weekend
Peyton Manning is lucky that he didn't get injured at the weekend.

Peyton Manning is known as quite a wise head. He is an intelligent football player and an intelligent man if you will, but at the weekend he came up with one of the most boneheaded plays of his career.

During the Denver Broncos pre-season encounter with San Francisco 49ers at Levi's Stadium, Peyton Manning made one of the worst redzone decisions of his career.

Yep that's right, as you probably already know, Peyton Manning decided to run the ball as a play broke down during the game against the 49ers.

As the archetypal pro-style quarterback, Manning is not expected to run or even asked to consider the thought of running. And at the age of 38-years-old, Peyton's decision to run probably scared the living daylights out of Broncos' General Manager John Elway in the stands. 

Manning was nine yards out from the endzone in the first quarter with the scores tied at nothing apiece.

As the play broke down, Manning decided to take off and try his luck against the Niner's defense. To no surprise, Manning gained a whole one yard before being brought down by dominate defensive sack specialist Aldon Smith.

It's lucky that Manning didn't get completely smashed on the play in the video above. With the Broncos so heavily reliant on Manning for them to win big this season, why on earth did Manning decide to run?

1 Peyton Manning wants to improve his fantasy numbers

Maybe that NFL Football Fantasy video that Peyton Manning did recently with his brother Eli has got into his head a little bit too much.

That video is the second instalment from the Manning brothers in terms of crazy music videos, but nothing gets more crazy than Peyton's decision to rush the ball against one of the top rush defenses in the NFL.

But it's quarterbacks that can rush the ball that are the most dominant in fantasy football, so maybe Peyton Manning was preparing for a regular season onslaught of short yardage rushing attempts that will increase his fantasy football total score this year. He did run for four rushing touchdowns during the 2006 NFL season after all. 

Manning's sheer amount of passing touchdowns last season still made him a key player for avid fantasy football fans, but with those numbers likely to decrease, maybe Manning is looking to bring something extra to the fantasy football table this year.

Ridiculous I know, but remember the title.

2 He genuinely thought he was going to score

Peyton Manning is known for being quite a funny guy and his reaction to the whole play after the game was priceless. 

"I thought I was going to score, but I got one yard," Manning said, showing off his comedic skills. "Kind of humbling."

"Yeah, it's a tendency breaker," Manning said. "You try to catch them off guard. It's probably not really high on their alert game plan sheet, 'Watch for the quarterback run.'"

Even though these were joke comments from Peyton Manning about his reasons for running, maybe deep down Manning actually believed he could get a 9-yard TD against one of the most dominant defensive units. 

Just insanity. 

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3 Manning must have been unsighted

When a play breaks down like this it's advantage defense unless you've got a dual-threat QB. Peyton Manning isn't that, and with sack specialist Aldon Smith dominating on the edge, Manning not being able to see properly on the play is not as insane as it sounds.

Knowing you're not going to play a full game can change the mindset of a player, and maybe this different mindset played a part in Manning's mistake. It's quite clear that the five-time NFL MVP didn't properly go through his progression and the consequences could have been disastrous.

But thankfully for Denver Broncos fans and John Elway's heart, Manning did not sustain an injury on the crazy play.

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