Johnny Manziel kicks up yet another outrage during Browns v Redskins

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Manziel may be in some trouble now
Manziel may be in some trouble now.

He's eccentric, charismatic and now rude?

Cleveland Browns Quarterback Johnny Manziel is not one to just have a quiet night and when he stepped on the field on Monday as the Browns took on the Washington Redskins, we saw a new side of him.

Theres very little that Manziel has done in his college and NFL career that hasn't drawn the eye of the media.

He is known for making public appearances whilst intoxicated and doing somewhat stupid things whilst in the condition.

So when the Browns started pre-season last week against the Detroit Lions, everyone was eager to see what he would do.

The answer was nothing, the Browns fell to a defeat in an uneventful game and left everybody thinking maybe we were seeing Manziel 2.0.

Then when they lost to the Redskins tonight, we got a brief glimpse that the real Johnny Manziel is still in there.

As always, Twitter was leading the way for all those who couldn't watch the game and as 'did Manziel' began trending, the debate started.

In his first big outburst in the NFL, Manziel was spotted seemingly giving the Redskins bench the finger.

In an outrageous move that will surely draw some form of punishment from the NFL Manziel held his hand up to the bench and seemingly flipped them the bird.

The Browns went on to lose 23-24 and in the coming days it will be interesting to see who is elected to the starting role in Cleveland and will Manziel be punished for his actions tonight?

The game of hand gestures

The game, although high scoring and home to Manziel's first ever NFL touchdown will be remembered for two hand gestures made on the field.

One is Manziel's obscene gesture and the other surrounds Redskins defender Brian Orakpo.

Orakpo took it upon himself to mock Manziel by repeating his famous money hand gesture just after sacking Manziel himself.

As can be seen here Orakpo wasn't nearly trying to hide his gesture from Manziel doing it while literally stood next to him, it was heated affair that would have easily had its place in the regular season.

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