Little League World Series dominated by female baseball player

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The Little League World Series has caught the attention (©GettyImages)
The Little League World Series has caught the attention (©GettyImages).

Mo’ne Davis is a thirteen year old pitcher with one of the quickest fast balls in the Little League World Series at 70 miles per hour. Davis also mixes it up with one of the best braking balls and curve balls in the tournament. Oh, and did I mention Mo’ne Davis is a young woman?

Mo’ne Davis became the fourth American female to play in the Little League World Series and the only to have ever pitched a shutout. In Pennsylvania’s 4-0 victory over big-hitting Tennessee, Davis allowed only two hits. In her previous game Davis allowed three hits in an 8-0 rout of Delaware.

Genuine skill

Davis isn’t just a one trick pony; she has shown ability in catching and hitting, as well as ability in other sports. Davis’ most recent game against Texas, where Pennsylvania won 7-6 on a walk-off triple, she contributed a crucial hit which brought in a run early in the game. Mo’ne became only the sixth female to ever have a hit the Little League World Series.

Davis exudes competency and an incredible presence. In an interview she had with ESPN, where she was asked about the pressures of being and talking to the media, Davis replied: "It hasn't been too bad. And anyway, I can always say, 'No.' That's my secret weapon with the media."

Wise youngster 

Davis is wise beyond her years, in another question she articulated how she adapted to the umpire’s perception of the strike zone, something some many pitchers don’t get until they play in Major League Baseball’s minor league. Moreover, Mo’ne was fully aware for the Little League World Series pitching limit and her relation to the pitch count.

"So, I knew I had to squeeze those eight pitches in and I was able to do it," Davis articulating her awareness of her pitch count entering the bottom of the sixth (57). Davis knew if she wanted to pitch again in three days she had to throw less than 65 pitches, per Little League rules.

Regardless if Pennsylvania wins the Little League World Series, Davis is an incredible young woman. Mo’ne has created an incredible standard for young women all over the world, that male dominance does not preclude female contribution or dominance.

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