WWE: Sting says every superstar except Bray Wyatt is boring

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Sting has voiced his opinion on the state of WWE
Sting has voiced his opinion on the state of WWE.

Legendary wrestler Sting has been one of the hottest topics in WWE circles in the last few months with speculation surrounding the possibility of a WWE deal for the legend.

Speaking this week to media, Sting didn't reveal that he was definitely going to make his debut in WWE soon, but he did explain that he is casting an even more invested eye over goings on in WWE right now.

Boring superstars 

During this analysis, Sting has become more and more frustrated with most of the characters in WWE right now, saying he believes that they have become too dull. 

"It’s the characters. Everybody is just so grey. I’m just saying wrestling in general in the last 10 years or so everybody got kind of grey," Sting explained. 

"The personalities I grew up with like ‘Macho Man’ Randy Savage was a reason I wanted to get into wrestling. Hulk Hogan and his personality, completely over-the-top."

In response to this, Vince McMahon needs to act swiftly because these comments represent the vast majority of WWE fans thoughts right now. 

Wyatt can be the savior 

But there is some light at the end of the tunnel. Sting believes that Bray Wyatt bucks the trend of boring wrestlers. Sting loves Wyatt and all the craziness that comes with the somewhat over-the-top superstar. But the legendary wrestler went even further than simply commending Wyatt, he believes the crazy-haired man is the future of WWE.

"I’d love to see Bray Wyatt coming up the way he is because he has the one thing I do believe that is missing," Sting told the Miami Herald.

"So I think this is really good. Wyatt is not completely over-the-top. Bray Wyatt has the ability to have a good mix of both. He has some realism along with his character."

Keeping an eye on WWE 

Although Sting didn't talk about whether or not he will be getting a WWE deal anytime soon, the legendary wrestler revealed that he has been keeping more of an eye on WWE talent ahead of a possible debut.

“I’m just now starting to watch and pay attention,” he said. “I’m learning the roster as we speak because I’m a strange breed. You have 30 years, and I’ve never watched any wrestling really. I don’t watch it. I never have. I never watched myself. So now I’m just learning it all. I’m using it for study, added Sting.

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Rumors continue 

Sting did sign a WWE deal last month, but that was only a PR contract that sees him appear in wrestling videogame WWE 2K15. Vince McMahon then further enhanced the speculation around a possible WWE deal by tweeting this.

Whether or not Sting enters WWE soon remains to be seen. One thing's for sure, he sure loves Bray Wyatt.

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