NBA Star claims he is the best basketball player alive

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James Harden at Team USA practice
James Harden at Team USA practice.

Houston Rockets shooting guard James Harden believes he is the greatest basketball player alive despite also being convinced he hasn't reached his potential yet.

The bearded superstar isn't short of confidence in his own ability and proudly proclaimed that he is the best player in the world at this present time.

Harden is currently with Team USA and was interviewed by Scoop Jackson of ESPN.Com, Jackson simply put forward the question to Harden of who the best player alive right now is.

Jackson didn't take away the option of choosing himself and luckily he didn't as the shooting guard was very quick to respond with his definitive answer.

Jackson said: "Bottom line, you are on this team and a lot of players aren’t, but in your mind, who is the best basketball player alive right now?"

Harden quickly responded: "Myself."

Jackson then asked: "That’s what I was about to say, “including you.” You made that sound like it was an easy answer."

Harden once more said: "It is. Myself."

Bold claims from the Rockets star who certainly isn't short of self belief, Harden hasn't been near legitimate Most Valuable Player claims in his career, however he did post outstanding numbers last season when he averaged 25.4 points, 6.1 assists and 4.7 rebounds.

In his second season in Houston, Harden performed at superstar level and was rewarded with first-team All-NBA honours, but his level of play is not quite in the same stratosphere as LeBron James and current MVP Kevin Durant.

Harden does believe he hasn't quite reached his potential yet and has showed a steady improvement throughout his five year tenure in the NBA.

He still has some way to go to fully have respectable claims of being the best player in the world but it isn't unrealistic, it would also take Harden leading the Houston Rockets to NBA glory to really cement the argument.

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